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  • How do we participate in the SC Healthy Business Challenge?
    Businesses/organizations simply need to register as a SCHBC Member here. Once you are registered, your organization will be invited to attend all SCHBC seminars and networking events over the course of the year and will be provided access to a suite of workplace wellbeing resources to support your organization in reaching your unique wellbeing goals.
  • How does my business/organization become a Certified SC Healthy Business?
    Simply complete the SCHBC Recognition Form here attesting to your participation in the South Carolina Healthy Business Challenge and your organization's ongoing commitment to the health and wellbeing of your workforce.
  • How do I access the Strategy for Wellbeing Assesment tool?
    As a SCHBC Member, you are provided discounted access to the Strategy for Wellbeing Tool at a deeply discounted rate as a result of your membership. The Strategy for Wellbeing Assessment, designed and administered by the South Carolina Hospital Association's Working Well Program contains questions targeting best practices for a healthier workplace environment. Once registered and approved for access, participating organizations can login and complete the assessment with the ability to return and update throughout the challenge to improve scores. SCHBC Members who choose to utilize the Strategy for Wellbeing Assessment tool will also be eligible for annual statewide recognition through the South Carolina Hospital Association based on their scores. ** Please note, if your business/organization is currently a Blue Cross Blue Shield customer, you are provided access to the Strategy for Wellbeing tool free of charge as part of your carrier benefits.
  • What if our business/organization is unable to attend a seminar?
    Seminars are recorded and are available to all SCHBC members here.
  • Can my business attend events in other regions?
    Yes! All South Carolina Healthy Business Challenge members are welcome and encouraged to attend events and seminars in any region, regardless of where your business is located. Our goal in launching a statewide expansion of the SCHBC program is to provide both region-specific and statewide support and resources to all businesses within the state of South Carolina.
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