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Who We Are.

The South Carolina Healthy Business Challenge is lovingly built and maintained by these fine folks with one simple goal—ensuring that the healthiest choice is the easiest one. We strongly believe that everyone in our community should have access to nutritious food, safe parks, clean air and health care.


Paul Wieters

"Making the workplace a healthier and friendlier experience is a benefit well worth the effort that creates teamwork and reduces barriers." 
- Paul Wieters
"Support from our city, area hospitals, nonprofits, and businesses makes SCHBC a powerful multi-sector initiative that I'm proud to be a part of."
- Susan Johnson

Mike Harris

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Kaitlin DaPore


Brandon Guest


Joseph Current

"Simply put, SCHBC is the skipping stone that creates a ripple effect of wellbeing at the organizational and individual level across the state of South Carolina.  It's a truly rewarding thing to be a part of. "
- Kaitlin DaPore
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